Tissue Bank Accreditation, what does it mean? This ensures that the operation of the tissue bank conforms to the standards established by AATB and FDA for the retrieval, processing, storage, and distribution of all tissues.


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Food and Drug Association
Food and Drug Association
Registration #3000215348

Rocky Mountain Tissue Bank is currently registered with the Food and Drug Administration to process, package, store, label and distribute Human Cells, Tissues, and Cellular and Tissue based products (HCT/P's) specifically bone allograft.


Amercan Association of Tissue Banks

Accreditation #0008515

The American Association of Tissue Banks has Accredited Rocky Mountain Tissue Bank since 1996. RMTB undergoes on-site inspections of its facility and Standard Operating Procedure Manual by a team of inspectors designated by AATB's Accreditation Committee. Inpectors monitor banks for compliance with all aspects of the association's standards.


Orion Registrar, Inc.
Orion Registrar Inc. USA Cert. ID

ISO 9001:2015

Health Canada (cert # 100156)       CERTIFICATE OF FACT OF GOOD STANDING



   State of California                 State of New York           Certificate Foreign Government


     State of Oregon                        Maryland                             Florida                                           Delaware


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                 Rocky Mountain Tissue Bank      

      Cancellous and Cortical Bone Blocks, Cancellous Bone Graft, Cortical Bone Graft, Bone particulate,

      Sinus augmentation, Sinus Lift, Periodontal Defects